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Grid Iron - get your winning NFL team

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Grid Iron - get your winning NFL team Empty Grid Iron - get your winning NFL team

Post by vegasjj on Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:01 am


Play in the EPP GRIG IRON games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ EasyPlay and "earn" a team - a WINNING TEAM to bring you riches!

Today is Oct 17 - and only 2 weeks are left - but they are the real good ones!

Here is all about the prizes:
The team that wins by the biggest margin in each of our 4 divisions will earn the player that holds that team the dollar value of the total points scored by that team. Only 1 bonus will be paid per division and for a payment to be made there must be a winning team and that team must be allocated.

After the regular season, we will hold a freeroll for each of the players who have a team allocated and in the event of a player holding more than 1 team the starting chips will be increased accordingly. e.g. if there were 1000 starting chips a player holding 2 teams would start with 2000 chips, a player with 3 teams would start with 3000.

The holder of each of the winning teams in the NFL divisions will each receive $25 (8 prizes of $25)
The holder of the team that wins the superbowl will win $250
The holder of the team that finishes runner up in the superbowl will win $150.

Team Selection is done as follows:

Each week 4 Multi Table Tournament's will be played for a guaranteed ticket for the Grid Iron Sweep Stake, the MTTs will be divided into 4 divisions:

* North
* South
* East
* West
* Each division will contain 8 teams

For the purpose of this promotion, the week end's on a Monday and starts on a Tuesday.

During the 1st 8 weeks of the NFL season EasyPlayPoker will allocate 4 teams to players, the teams will be allocated to the winner of each MTT during the course of that particular week and will be decided by the outcome of that weeks NFL results.

The selection process is very simple, the team in each of the EasyPlayPoker divisions that scores the lowest amount of points is allocated to the player who wins that division's MTT, in the event of a team already being taken then the next unallocated team is used, in the event of there being more than 1 team on the same points then the winning team will take precedent, if both teams win then we will use the winning margin, in the event of both teams winning by the same margin and scoring the same points we allocate teams in alphabetical order.

After teams have been allocated.

After you have been allocated a team, that team remains yours for the rest of the season and bonuses are paid according to their success.


For more information - follow this link: http://www.easyplaypoker.com/gridiron.php

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